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Sophie Leadley

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Since I can remember, travel and experiencing new places has been my passion. I am always looking for the next adventure and love nothing more than planning holidays.

I spent 14 years as a solicitor and, as a partner at an international law firm, was lucky enough to spend a lot of my time travelling to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Attending the Calabar festival in Cross River State, Nigeria and experiencing wonderful cassava at a sea front market in Dar es Salaam are just some of the amazing experiences of the popular tourist trails that my work took me to.

During my time as a solicitor, in one particularly lengthy meeting in Dhaka, a client told me a story which made me re-evaluate things. He said that I was like a bumble bee, buzzing from one plant to the next, collecting all the pollen and doing a fabulous job but I wasn’t spending enough time appreciating the flowers as I went. I totally understood what he meant, I was so engrossed in my work and rushing from one hotel/meeting room to the next, I was rarely stopping to really understand the places that I was visiting and the people that live there.

So I negotiated a gap year, got married in Italy in 2015 and travelled the world with my husband for our honeymoon. Deciding where we should go, and planning our itinerary at the same time as working full time was much more difficult than we anticipated. I was worried that we had managed to secure time off but that we wouldn’t make the most of our trip. We had the most amazing time and visited most of Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South America and the USA. When we returned to the UK, I found that my wanderlust hadn’t subsided at all and I was straight onto planning our next trip.

That’s when I decided to start Viva and spend my time researching and planning dream holidays for other busy professionals. I absolutely love what I do and have never looked back.

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