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Fiona Wagland

Fiona Wagland

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I could plot many of the major events in my life through looking at the holidays that I have been on.  I love holidays (and photographs!).  Holidays create the memories and the photographs keep them alive.

Working in the travel industry is new to me.  I started my working career as a Solicitor.  I had previously travelled a lot with my family and friends but the world of real full-time work meant that holidays took on a new meaning.  I wanted to spread my wings, travel more and find out what the wider world was like and had to offer.  A holiday to Cuba was perfect as it gave me time to recharge my batteries and experience a whole new and exciting culture. 

It was around this time that I also met the man that I was to marry and have children with.  He too had a strong passion for travel and wanted to experience many different cultures.  Our first holiday together was to Paris.  I can still remember how much my legs ached from all the walking, but also how I fell in love with this city and all it had to offer.  We then we went on to visit France; Majorca; Thailand; India; South Africa; Hong Kong; Australia; Singapore; Vienna; Prague; Venice; and Austria (skiing).  For our honeymoon, we went to Italy and incorporated Lake Como with various parts of Tuscany.  I later returned to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to be a bridesmaid and it was just picture perfect.

Then came children, which brought about a change to my career and our holidays.  When pregnant I couldn’t go skiing so instead visited Finland in winter.  Logs cabins, real fires, cold walks and reindeer led sledge rides made for a lovely holiday. 

Our first holiday with a 5-month-old was to Jersey.  We then ventured to Northern Spain, which was a fabulous holiday, but also a learning curve as their culture didn’t correspond with our baby’s routine!  In some ways that made for a more memorable holiday and I have fond memories of some of the beautiful, unspoilt places we visited in Northern Spain.  As a family, we also travelled to Bermuda, which had things for us all.  I loved the zoo as much as the children did! Disneyland in Paris was a special family holiday and Portugal became a family favourite destination. 

As the children are now a bit older holidays are changing again and involving more activity.  We have travelled to Fuerteventura which offers fabulous kite surfing conditions and a sailing trip around Croatia is on the horizon.

Travelling has always been something that I love to do and am passionate about.  I have been lucky to travel to many places at different stages in my life.  I also love working with people and making them happy which is what a great holiday does!  When the opportunity came up for me to work in travel and use my travel experience to help people plan theirs, I jumped at the chance!